Sometimes I wonder how my personal bike game is perceived by others. Or if it’s perceived at all, because most of the times I probably look like an average guy, riding a semi-fancy steel frame to get my way around town. No shinyness or glamour included, at least not on an everyday cold season basis. I guess any true, scene-affiliated fixie boy tends to look more like a ‘bike nerd’ to the non-bike nerd’s eye than me.

Anyway, we at DISRIDEHERE do consider ourselves bike nerds and by that entitle ourselves to take an extra close look and try to figure out what other people’s bike games really are about.

Example? You’re welcome:


Oldschool folding bike, best beater and ‘nah, I’ll just let it sit here and walk with you’ ride there is. Someone did put some love in it though. New tires, proper lock and the cockpit of course. White bar tape to match the white, bursting with strength and heroicness decals. But suspecting Hercules himself as the owner is a too easy guess. Closer look, please.


No way Zeus would be down with that, greeky boy. There’s no possibility, not even for Hercules, to survive the fearsome rain of lightning and thunder provoked by this bar tape wrapping. You might however need a somewhat mythological physique to actually brake with such a lever angle.

That some kind of matching colorway tips me dangerously close to diagnosing just another fixed gear scenester, but we all know that ‘their legs are their gears’ and riding kick shift hubs is an absolute no-no. Track standing at a red light would be such a pain in the ass if you’re unwillingly yet constantly switching gears.

This baby blue baby speaks a different language regarding the bike game of its owner.


Sneaky fuckin time trialists. I knew it. Not having the slightest clue how to mount brake levers that are not STIs or aero ones, but if the component in need can in any way be Zipp or Easton, it is so going on the build, no matter what.

At least that’s the only type of person I can come up with for whom it makes sense to wrap that kind of bar completely. He or she probably tucks his or her wrists under that weird plastic butterfly nut and grabs the innermost part of the bars while badassly aeroing back home from the club at night. Zeus would totally approve that.

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