I consider myself a fan of funny urban bike pimpin. At least most of the time. And I don’t mean the ‘funny colorway fixed gear thing‘ nor the ‘spend a fortune to buy stupid and ugly gimmicks to make me look witty’ thing either. That simply bores the shit out of me. I mean the ‘let’s pimp my junk till noone else except for myself will like it’ way. Usually that way includes a huge fuck you to everyone who’s into taking pictures of their bikes to get some internet fame. Here’s an example:


You probably get the idea. Whoever had the brilliant idea of tuning dis ride here is either making fun of everyone else on two wheels, including Harley riders with absurde sissy bars or he’s into this look for real and doesn’t give a shit about everyone, including his own mother, making fun of his bike. Either way, he’s a winner although the brake lever position and grips are a no-no:


Fuck putting the brake levers onto the bended area of your bars, just make sure the bell sits on a straight part. To top the damn thing of, put on a saddle that makes absolutely no sense style wise, except that it matches the no-go grips:


And just to make sure people will know that all of this was intentional and you were kind of serious about the whole thing, put on some decorative duct tape for good measure. That’ll show those damn bike stylers where it’s at:


I really hope that someday soon, when the whole fixed gear and singlespeed thing will finally blow over, ugly urban bike pimpin¬†will be the new hype…

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