Lately I’ve been back to early bird commuting on a regular basis. I usually hit the road at around 8.30, still a bit sleepy but happy that my day starts with coffee and cycling. It takes me about 25 minutes to reach my destination and my way leads me through the inner city, passing the university and some major train stations. So I’m faced with a lot of traffic every morning, lotsa cars, lotsa passengers blasting out of train stations and a hell of a lot of cyclists, all on their way to work. The streets are seriously clogged, as are buses and trains, just the usual big city commuting routine. NeverthelessĀ I enjoy my ride and as long as it’s not raining, I’m having a good time although the cycling tracks are clogged, too. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for each and every bike commuter that cycles each day, everyday, year round cause I felt that those were the realest of em all. But that feeling quickly changed once I found myself amongst them on a daily basis. I usually try to ride quickly but I don’t need the rush. If a mom on a heavy dutch bike is riding her kid to kindergarten and moving slowly in front of me I don’t mind and either take it easy or just take the street and mingle with stressed out car drivers who are usually totally pissed that a bike ‘steals’ their space, heavy honking and sharp overtaking are things you just have to deal with. And that’s just what I do.

What I definetely can’t deal with are the kind of over-equipped commuters who go all out Lance all of the time. Usually on a ‘fast city bike‘ or pimped out mtb, wearing expensive functional clothing that isn’t functional, fully waterproof cycling bags attached to their racks and lights that shine like fucking Cape Canaveral.

That would all be cool with me if it wasn’t for their mostly self righteous, annoying attitude that sometimes even surpasses every fixed gear scenester by far. Two of those dudes were taking the same way as me the other day and they seriously annoyed the fuck out of every other cyclist they overtook. On a two way bumpy cycling track one of them was trying to squeeze between the cyclist in front of him and the flood of bikes coming towards him, forcing an unsafely riding lady to almost crash into me while the other one screamed ‘watch out’ while trying to overtake me, facing the same flood of oncoming cyclists. I was wide awake in a second and met both of them at the next red light. Of course they had saved the pole position:


For a short moment I contemplated telling them off but then I thought: Fuck it. And fuck them cause they aint gonna learn anyway. They’re the kind of morons who think the world evolves around their cycling. What a bunch of loosers. They made sure they were in quick start gear on every fucking red light and sure enough, all of the cyclists they overtook before were standing behind them atĀ the next intersection, how pathetic is that?

To make a long story short, I don’t care if you’re on a bike, in a car or by foot, it’s not the way of transportation that unites or divides us. It’s the simple fact that if you’re not able to respect other people’s space and needs you’re just an asshole.

Also, if ya really had the balls you pretend to have by acting tough in everyday traffic, you might just take those oversize tires on the road and see what it’s like messing with other assholes in cars instead of hassling pedestrians and cyclists on their way to work.

Get in the ring, bitch…

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