If you’re living in an urban environment and feel somewhat attracted to bicycles you’ve probably seen your fair share of mistreated or untended rides. Personally I sway between disgust and inspiration every time I pass a crappy bike, I might even feel a bit sorry for it. However, the state a bike is in can tell a lot about its owner and it’s usually pretty obvious which absurd effect he or she was aiming at. Not so with dis ride here though:


I have to admit this one seriously lets me wonder. A crash? Probably not cause the frame looks fine and except for the flat front tire there’s no sign of an accident whatsoever. Vandalism? Naa, who the fuck would do this to a family cargo bike? Although there’s quite a bit of anti gentrification vandalism to be found across the city like broken windows of fancy fashion boutiques and the all too famous May 1 riots where radical left wing activists and a bunch of riot tourists set fancy cars on fire and throw cobblestones at their ‘enemies’, I just can’t believe those folks would do that to a bike like this. And it’s January too…

So whats left? Let’s have another look:


I think someone wanted to make a statement here. Smashing the box like that and leaving the remains nicely piled up albeit not finishing the job properly simply screams ‘revenge!’. So we’ve all heard of broken heart revenge, right? Like someone who’s been cheated on scratching up the partner’s car or throwing his DJ equipment out the window (true story..), smashing furniture they bought together, burning pictures, stuff like that. So being that 99% of those kind of cargo bikes are being used by families with kids I think this one tells a sad story:

‘So you don’t love me no more? You think you can raise the kids on your own? You want me to understand that you’re goin through a rough phase and it’s tough for you, too? Well, understand this asshole’:


‘Yeah, let the neighbors see, let the whole world see what I think of you and your stupid cargo bike I never enjoyed riding anyway. And have fun explaining to the kids why they have to walk to kindergarten again’. Fair enough. Next time though, try out the 21st century bike nerd style:

Just sell the stupid thing, buy a fixed gear and post some nasty pictures of your ex on tumblr. Modern day break-up classic…

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