Bike tours. Everybody loves em. Breaking away from the daily grind and heading towards wherever with your best friends or on your own can be an amazing experience. It’s the antithesis of a package holiday and makes you experience the country and its people in a very down to earth way, especially if you don’t plan out your routesĀ and accommodation all too well. They also serve as a perfect way to consolidate your badass cycling status among your peers. Countless video documentations of random cyclists touring the world have been flooding the internet for the last couple of years. There’s the kinda underground randonneur type travelling the planet under the radar, the roadie club going for the obligatory pre-season tour, the fixed gear crew crossing Europe or the States, usually followed by an epic video where all participants bitch and moan about their aching knees and sunburns, couldn’t have seen that one coming…And then there’s this:


If you’ve been into cycling for a while you’ve probably come across a story of someone doing an Ironman with a kids bike or riding down a mountain on a unicycle but none of those freaks can come close to dis ride here. It looks like it’s been around the world and back and still functions as a day to day ride:


I’ve seen people taking the greatest care when it comes to their dedicated travel bikes. Packing them in and making sure they thought about every little detail, getting the proper bags and camera lenses, sometimes even a van accompanying their tour and carrying enough equipment to fill three bike stores and a camera team, where’s the adventure in that? I can only assume the owner of this is completely immune to those kinda notions:


The only reason those bags might be waterproof is so that he can actually fill them up with water, who the fuck needs bottle cages and those weirdo self decomposing cycling bottles anyway? The green corrosion might be on purpose if it turns out to be edible, now go and edit that scene where you inhaled your power bar when you reached the top of a hill all fixed out. And in case you’re wondering if this truly is a travel bike and not just a left behind city ride, here’s your proof:


See, he’s got his ass covered. If there should ever be a cycling version of ‘Into The Wild’, dis ride here would be the perfect chief character by all means.

So fuck winter, I’m selling my GoPro and will be on my way

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