Hangover is a bitch. Especially on New Year’s Day. Having just survived Christmas hangover and struggling through the first couple of days of January, I really don’t pay too much attention to cycling. Sure, somewhere in the far back of my mind a cracking voice tells me: ‘Get your ass up and start your roller training right away fatty’. Yeah right, I’m lucky I found my coffee machine and managed to take a new year’s walk for about an hour. That’s about the only tradition I can seriously keep up and cherish on Christmas and New Year’s Day. My Christmas walk took place in my hometown, it’s a niceĀ little town with some 500.000 inhabitants and none of them seems to take cycling too serious. People don’t commute by bike, messengers actually talk to non-messengers, critical mass draws about 15 people and there’s not one singlespeed related store to be found. Cycling wise it feels a bit like dis ride here:


It’s a perfect summary of my hangover and the city’s fuck bikes attitude. But don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown and have always loved to cycle there, it’s just so different from the city I’m living in now where Christmas and New Year’s rides are held all over the place and people actually attend despite their hangovers and the bad weather. I believe there’s even a dedicated hangover ride and people usually take their cycling way more serious, at least as far as style and scenes are concerned.

So taking a New Year’s walk here you very likely gonna encounter something like this:


Yes, around here the urban cycling craze has come so far you’re more likely to spot a bike that’s been gruesomely converted to a singlespeed or fixed gear than a regular city ride. Strangely enough tastefulness almost never comes with it and neither does common sense. I bet my ass dis ride here had perfectly functioning shifting, some fenders and a cockpit that made some sense before the owner decided to urbanize it. I’m sure he told all of his friends and far relatives about the amazingĀ vintage steel frame and how inspiring it was to customize it:


There, nailed it. Even the saddle is proud of the setup so it has its nose in the air all the time.

Big city life takes its toll I guess…

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