Everybody loves christmas, right? Especially the gruesome act of buying presents for your loved ones. Maybe it’s not the buying part though, the tough thing is to come up with something witty and useful that doesn’t cost a fortune. So with one day to go, we’d like to offer some last minute help for the indecisive. Thanks to cycling being mainstream nowadays, you don’t have to look too far:


There you go, just hit a local Swedish design furniture store and get something practical, like a unique singlespeed wall mount. Forget about some of the well thought out wall mounts and check out this one’s radest feature:


I’m sure y’all have been waiting for this all your life, finally a wall mount with an extra hook so you can chain lock your precious ride at home. Practical and beautiful, it might just win the next red dot design award. Of course there’s a lot more to discover once you’re there and don’t get discouraged by the displayed singlespeed, there’s something here for everyone:


Aunty is gonna be so happy to finally be able to bring her 22 kilo soaking wet dutch bike to her living room and lift it up the wall, she’ll be thinking of you every time she does. If you should feel a little uncertain and put into question if this present might appear as a little weird, just read the sign hanging next to it and relax yourself, it’s all good:


Makes it even more special, now go and buy the damn thing.

If practical and beautiful isn’t your thing though and you’re more on the funny and senseless tip, please consider this:


I know that this is what the fixed gear world has been waiting for since the invention of colored tires. Celeste frame, pink rear disc and front fivespoke and matt black saddle and cockpit, totally nailed it.


Since the evolution of fixed gear riding is following the evolution of skateboarding step by step, dis ride here might just start the first wave of finger fixed gear riding, don’t you think?

I guess the fact that Walmart is selling fixed gear bikes since about 2007 isn’t enough to make the hype implode, be sure to spot the first Toys’R’Us kids’ fixie around 2015.

Matt black for boys and celeste/pink for girls, the future is a bright one…

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