Christmas is approaching and what better thing to do than hit the escape button and have yourself a couple of days at sea? In my case it was a nice little 3 day trip, long walks, quiet all over and a fine beach motel, sauna included and thanks to last minute booking, cheap as fuck. It wasn’t as cold as expected, you could really spend your days outside, see about 1 human being and 3 dogs within a couple of hours and simply forget about your everyday problems and the pain of modern urban living.


See what I mean. I dare you to imagine yourself standing there and find a reason to think about bikes. Not possible? That’s what I thought. December isn’t the time to freak out about cycling anyways, it’s cold and rainy most of the time and except for a bunch of cyclocross nerds and diehard commuters who fight the weather messenger style, the whole cycling craze freezes in for at least 2-3 months. Speaking of diehard cyclists, I kinda dig those people who cycle under bad conditions for mere transportation, without any style or scene affection whatsoever.

So I took another walk on the beach the next day and sure enough, I spot a cyclist in the far distance riding through the flooded sand. Unfortunately he was too far away and I was too confused by his sight as to take a picture right away but this is the environment he rode through:


I did manage to see that he carried a surfboard and wore a neoprene suit so obviously cycling under these conditions was only a practical thing for him cause he actually went surfin at about 5° Celsius, talk about freaks stayin true to the game…He wasn’t the only one either cause a couple minutes later I spotted this:


Never mind the sign at the local bike rental that said you couldn’t take the route to the closest lighthouse cause the path is full of sheep shit, just take the damn thing to the beach to go surfin, I bet the sand and saltwater mix won’t be a problem at all.

Also, if you ever took a walk through wet sand, I bet you wished for a bike with super soft rear suspension, didn’t you?


So, as you can see, there is no escape from cycling. I bet that once touristic moon travel will be made affordable I’ll book a 2 day last minute trip to finally experience what it feels like to see earth from above and get that feeling of peacefulness that astronauts always talk about.

I also bet that once I leave the ship at the spaceport the first thing I’ll probably see is some dude practicing keo spins on the edge of a moon crater…

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