Aah, lunchbreak. The 30 to 60 minutes of your workday that are supposed to fill your belly and free your mind. So what better thing to do than hit the local supermarket and get your favorite sandwich ingredients and a fresh juice. Quite an easy task, if I had only remembered to bring my shoppin bag. Since buying a plastic bag is a big nono, I had to carry my stuff with my hands and arms and teeth. Packed like a mule I tried not to slip on my way backĀ and luckily I had already taken a picture of this lovely singlespeed before I entered the store:


Dis ride here is such a mundane off the rack singlespeed it’s almost not worth mentioning. The matt black everything could make you fall asleep in a second but the crazy bullhorn angle did make me think. The urban pursuit bar is probably the most abused bicycle part of the last 10 years. Forget about chopped riser bars, the atrocities commited upon bullhorn bars could fill a whole museum of bike cruelty. Now, this one ain’t chopped nor scratched but what happened to the angle? I’ve seen this so often now I’m pretty sure there must be some logic behind this. People can’t seriously be so irritated as to find this comfortable or practical in any way. Oh, and did I mention it simply looks disgusting? The bar tape makes it look like a sad cow instead of an agressive bull but fuck it, I was ready for my sandwich.

So I managed to bring my stuff home, fixed me a nice meal and juice and sat outside to enjoy my food in the sun. I had almost forgotten about whacky bullhorn bars when the owner of the sad cow passed by:


Sweet Jesus, after all those years I finally discovered what it was all about, it’s a fuckin shoppin bike! He wasn’t even riding the damn thing so I imagine he went to the bike store and told the employees: ‘Listen, I need a singlespeed, right? Hit me up with something matt black and make sure I’ll be able to do my fucking grocery shopping but I hate racks and fenders and all that shit, get it?’ The best thing is I knew the guy, totally nice dude and when I mentioned his cockpit and the epiphany it gave me he was like: ‘Yeah sure, what else would it be good for?’

I gave him high five and finished my sandwich and juice in silence.

Talk about not giving a fuck…

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