True. A title you had to earn by being true to the game back in the good old days of Thrash. Black skinny jeans, white sneakers, rather loose shirts, basically a style not too uncommonly found in today’s urban surroundings. Only today they call it ‘real’. As in street realness, knowhamsayn? If you do, you may have noticed that as far as bikes are concerned, your realness can be presented by riding a rather beat up machine instead of a shiny new one. Especially if it’s a singlespeed, even more so if it’s a fixed gear. Here’s the 411 as of today: If your bike ain’t scratched up and dirty from all those urban miles, you either haven’t been in the game for long enough or you’re more into the acquiring/collecting/taking pictures thing, which is fine but, unfortunately not ‘real’. Now, if you do own a scratched up gangsta ride and you’re feeling pretty real, have a look at this:


Dis ride here looks like it’s been around when the freewheel was invented and I can hear its owner going: ‘Fuck that shit, I’m stickin to my guns…’. About a century later, he’s still goin strong with a cockpit that will teach any chopped and scratched pursuit bar a lesson in ‘old school’:


That’s just for starters though, put some gloves on and avoid the nasty infection those grips might give you. But how exactly to protect yourself from Mr. oldschool’s choice of seating?


There’s just too many horrible and nasty things that pop up in my mind looking at this but let me ask you: If you were forced to take a seat, which part of the saddle would you actually consider to be the least harmful?

You take it from there…

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