Over the last two decades or so we’ve seen a lot of cycling styles come and go and while some styles like authentic classic road bikes seem to completely linger under the radar, some others tenaciously stick around for whatever reason. Like the urban camo/matt black scheme seen ever so often in contemporary urban rides, most commonly a fixed gear or singlespeed. I was totally into the matt black thing in the 80s cause it always made me feel like being a part of the A-Team but I lost my taste for it until about ’95. Almost 20 years later dis ride here demonstrates that you can actually step up the urban camo game:


Now that’s what I call authentic urban camo: Matt black frame topped by some real moss! If you think it’s been left in the woods for too long and that the ‘coloration’ happened by accident, consider this:


There’s your proof for full intention, a perfectly clean and functioning rear hub, even the braking surface is nice and clean. Everything else is completely camo though, including the rear tire which once again proves that the owner must have had a concept in mind with this one. I wonder if he or she actually sat down and hand painted the frame:


Dis ride here aint just dissin’ every matt black gangsta bike, it also gives the finger to sensible bike maintenance. Put a new chain on a totally rusted chainring…

However, there are bike owners out there who manage to take the camo thing even one step further:


This surely can’t be a means of glamorizing your ride so I guess the choice of ‘autumn camo’ is a serious intention of making it invisible, at least for the next couple of weeks. Let’s see what happenes when the streets are covered with snow, genius…I also wonder why everyone just spraypaints the shit out of their frames without covering the parts that are NOT meant to be painted:


Again, not a single fuck given for sensible maintenance, just make sure all the parts are matching:


I wonder if this poor bike will be tantalized even more once the owner decides it’s time for a ‘fresh’ new look…I think the best thing that could happen is that some ‘cycling culture’ infected smartass will spot it, pay the owner a horrendous price and display it at the next bike exhibit, thus turning it into a piece of art:


Industrial design meets urban cycling.

Watch your back Copenhagen, dis ride here will show you where it’s at.

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