Let’s talk style for a minute. Generally I believe that style is a very personal matter yet it’s a form of communication and affects your surroundings whether you like it or not. I also blieve that in 2014 it’s ok to feel a bit haunted by people flashing their style at you, most commonly through choice of attire or various urban gimmicks. Like bikes for example. A bike offers a million ways to express your personality and show the world who you are (or mean to be…). Of course your choice of color is at least as important as the type of bike you ride and what would underline your urban personality more than an off the rack singlespeed? That’s right, an off the rack singlespeed with an impossible ‘colorway’!


I have to say I have a soft spot in my heart for flashy colors as in classic 80s Italian steel frames or a dope graffiti or sneakers for that matter but the key to success is clever and tasteful combination. While it’s sometimes ok to borderline on tastefulness I think there’s a huge common sense factor for when things get pushed too far: Four flashy colors in one singlespeed, seriously? Fine tuned to absurdity:


I find it hard to imagine someone would hit a bike store and be seriously caught by this one…’Oh my, matching red valve caps framed by matching green spokes, that’s so me!’ But wait, the clown make up colorway ain’t enough expression already, let’s do the sticker pimpin to show ’em who you really are:


Just make sure they match the colors too! I have to say that the ‘Nightspeed Supporters’ sticker got me all curious but once I found out what it’s all about I’m even more confused. The Independent and Levi’s stickers on the rear rim make you think it can’t get any better until you spot the one on the left chainstay: Illest. In its true sense. Oh, and please also make sure that the post you’re locking it to matches as well! Now try to imagine the person riding dis ride here, go ahead, take your time. Having trouble? Let me help you out. While I was standing there trying to imagine him or her myself, the owner showed up. Absolutely average looking guy (I don’t mean that in a bad way), blue jeans, white shirt, regular haircut. Being the nice and polite person I am, I asked if it was ok to take some pictures of his ride. Now try to imagine his answer. Having trouble again? This is what he said, I kid you not:

‘Yeah, sure you can, I bet you only need them so you can make fun of it in front of your friends!’

That’s 1:0 for you my color-confused friend, keep up the spirit!

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