I like to be believe I’m a loyal person. Like with pretty much everyone else this first and foremost applies to family and friends of course but it can be extended to a lot of other things like your favourite bands or artists or even bike brands for that matter. The thing is that all of the mentioned can give you reason enough to question or even quit your loyalty, yet a lot of people are struggling to give up on it which is totally understandable cause it usually means letting something go that you held dear for a long time. In fact, the longer lasting the relationship, the harder it is to let go. Let me give you a bike related example, dis ride here brand always ranked high in my book of cool:


Absolute classic 90s Klein hardtail, no fancy suspension gimmicks, just a straight ahead ride. I always thought those were perfect day to day city bikes no matter how hard the latest fixed gear youtube stars are trying to convince me that you can only feel ‘one’ with a fixed gear and that it’s the perfect urban vehicle. Freewheel, some gears, tough breaks (no pun intended) and some fat tires to overcome the city’s nasty potholes and cobblestone streets, what more could you ask for? And the fact that Jerry Seinfeld had a Klein hanging in his NY appartment made me think: ‘If it works for NYC it’ll work anywhere!’. So I was loyal, not only to Klein but to pretty much any 26″ hardtail MTB. But, as you could have guessed, the day came when my loyalty was put to the test:


Jesus..Looking at this one made me feel like listening to my favorite band’s new album where they changed the singer and went all artsy fartsy. Where da groove at? Suspension fork AND tail, really? Though I have to give credit for the mid to late 90s engineering pioneers:


Now that’s an adjustable rear suspension we can all understand, I wonder if they just chopped some vintage 1″ forks for that one. Still, the owner felt the need to pimp his ride, it¬†obviously didn’t feature enough gimmicks in the first place. So here comes easy bike pimping, lesson 1:


Simply duct tape the shit out of your saddle for no reason whatsoever. Doesn’t even seem to fall apart in the first place but I’m not gonna contemplate. Rather, let’s move on to lesson 2:


Too bad the frame doesn’t have an option for the bottle cage mountable mini pump so of course you gotta attach it to the cockpit cause that’s the place for storing pretty much anything unnecessary. You do realize how tough it is to pump up those tires with a mini pump, do you? Never mind the next gas station is around the¬†corner. And sure enough people are gonna notice you with this ride, even if you’re approaching from behind so just fuck the non functioning bell and just leave it there till it falls off by itself. Also, in this case, fuck loyalty too man, I thought I just had to listen to that new album until it would finally start to grow on me but fuck that. I’m taking the next week off to lock myself in and watch the first 3 seasons of Seinfeld, order pizza and drink coke all day.

Who’s with me?

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