Quick quiz: Which letter of the alphabet never asked to be transformed into bicycle geometry data? If you – despite the small hint in the title – struggle to find the answer please keep reading.

Anyway, I think there’s a Y-Bike (got it?) for every single type of city cyclist out there. Like the Italian vintage lugged steel frame loving, Martini sipping ebay crawler who waited so long for a mint condition Bianchi his size to pop up that he eventually lost it and just went for this:


Bam. Full suspension mountain bike. Better for your back anyway. If I owned that thing – and I’d love to, honestly – I’d just skip cyclocross and move on to the next big cycling hype. Remember this post when all of us will be riding fancy Italian 26 inch fullies in 2015. I’d rather be doing that than telepathically shifting gears on my 12-speed road bike, which will most likely be the propagated roadie setup in a year or so.

Now this Bianchi is indeed kind of flashy. Some blue, some yellow, some celeste of course. But in 2015, we’ll have to step it up a bit.

This next Y-Bike has 10 year old aspiring make-up artist written all over it.  I recommend squinting in advance.


If the spoke reflectors were pink as well this bike would be perfect concerning color schemes. Imagine rocking some majorly sparkling grills and matching jewelry around your neck while cruising dis ride. Just to honor the decals. Who’s the real sparkler now?

But there’s people here who are embracing a more subtle style when it comes to bikes, too. Though I think the parents who bought their kid this next Y-Bike might have taken it a bit too far.


Camo? Really? But I do see how this comes in handy safetywise. Drivers will be shocked seeing a little kid hovering between two tiny wheels and will immediately stop just to make sure they didn’t lose their sanity at the last congested crossway. However, I suspect some drawbacks when using camo color on your bike. I bet the chain is only rusty because the poor kid simply forgot where the bike was parked and could not locate it anymore. I really hope he or she got a Sparkler 18-Speed as a replacement.

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