Blessed by an unusually warm and rain free fall we’re still riding around town comfortably at pretty much any given opportunity. So why not take friday night, leisure ride? Couple of friends, couple of drinks, lotsa laughter, you know the deal. It was a real ‘tour de culture’ that led us through some finer and some raunchier parts of the city. Speaking of raunchy, we had just finished our badass real talk and beer at a rather shady corner, when dis ride here taught us a lesson in badass realness:


Yeah, I know, too good to be true, right? This one clearly outranks any gangsta tallbike by at least a beer-bank’s length. I could revel in every single aspect of this bike but the best thing is that it’s so perfectly placed in it’s natural habitat:


The puke on the ground matches the raunchy frame to perfection, it looks like the bike got drunk as fuck, couldn’t make it home and chose to just fuck it and take a nap right there whilst emptying its bowel. Extending this thought, dis ride here might be the perfect ride if you can’t resist to bike to the club. You can go completely nuts, get wasted, fall out of the club in the morning, take a nap on your beer bike till you’re sober enough to pedal home. But wait a minute, on second thought, you’d still need someone steering this monster:


Yeah, I know, gets better and better, right? If you should ask yourself if it’s possible to ride this motherfucker at all: I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I’ll say most def! Here’s why: Grips are in decent condition, bell is actually reachable, tires look healthy, rear derailleur installed ’cause noone is so stupid as to ride this as a singlespeed and of course, some fresh pads on the cantilever rear brake. So I’d say trust the engineer for once and imagine yourself riding towards the sunset with the girl or boy of your dreams steering this ship with one hand and handing you a cold drink with the other. Make up your own chillout sweetspots virtually everywhere, just stop and have a seat or use it as a picnic table…You see, with a little craftsmanship and imagination you can put all of them fancy eco- and family-friendly cargo bikes to shame.


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