A couple of weeks ago a little business trip led me to Zürich. It was a quick little visit with about 22 hours of total duration. My flight was late so I took a cab from the airport to the hotel cause it was round midnight and I still had to catch some food. Of course I knew Switzerland was expensive but 50€ for a 10 minute cab drive and 15€ for falafel & a coke was only bearable cause I got all expenses payed.

I had a nice little hotel room, watched a football game and was fast asleep. After a rich breakfast and a lot of coffee the next morning I finished my job in about an hour. One more coffee and I decided to head out to roam the city and not get tempted to visit the local bike shops. The next couple of hours I enjoyed a beautiful day outside and I think I found some sweet-spots like this one:


Did I mention my visit was so short I didn’t even take my bike? Well, there really was no need to because everything I had planed to see could be reached by foot quickly and turns out Zürich has a really well organized and cheap(!) public transport system. I believe about 70% of daily commuters use the bus or train to get to the inner city and 29 of the 30% left probably just drive their luxurious cars or simply walk, not a big cycling town it seemed. People were chill though, no real traffic-hussle and it was easy to understand why Zürich is said to have one of the highest living standards worldwide. And they’re neutral too!

After my last hour spend hangin out at Lake Zürich it was time to head back to the airport and I seriously didn’t think my trip would lead me to get in contact with anything even remotely cycling-related. I was completely chilled out from the sun and the city’s beauty when all of a sudden I stumbled over this:


Never mind the polka-dot front wheel in the back or the super clean hydrant, check out that carefully assembled, color-scheme conscious singlespeed, the first and only of its kind that day. I’ll be honest, “they ain’t got no more style here than elsewhere” is what I thought and, hold up, wait a minute…What?


What the hell is this? How the hell dare you to pull me out of my chill mode with that cockpit?? What the fuck Zürich, what’s goin on? I thought you were neutral, how the fuck is that neutral?! Ok, forget about that whacky saddle- and handlebar-angle and the missing bar tape, I’ll leave that up to personal taste but what in gods name happened to the brake levers? Looking at them still gives me a headache and I don’t want to imagine the person who built this up nor the one who’s riding it. And this ain’t no funny take on brakeless fixed gear riding either because it’s a freewheel. Even if you held the bars at the very top you’d still be pissed cause the cables are in your way all the time, it really is one of the most hilariously disturbing cockpits I ever saw. Oh, and here’s the kicker: Writing this post I noticed for the first time there’s a URL painted on the frame…

Yes, there really is someone out there taking this seriously, that’s all I’ll say, go ahead if you want to discover.

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