It seems nowadays cycling is everywhere. I bet if you’re not a cyclist yourself (whatever that means), you probably have a friend or relative who’s really into riding bikes, buying bikes, collecting, customizing and so on and so forth.

He or she will most definitely be down with TALKING about bikes. A lot.

While I believe that more people getting on a bike is a good thing, the talk about the whole cycling thing can be a bit too much. Not the actual act of talking though but the notion of people going: “Hey, you into cycling too, bro? You know I just got myself a new…”. And this is where it ends for me. The fact that you ride a bike doesn’t make your stories more interesting per se.

Talking about something you like or even love with someone who cares about you is great. Like telling a good friend you just bought a new car or playing your new top ten list of songs for your girl, fine. But I’d never ever ever tell someone I barely know about the bikes I own, how much they cost, how I build them up (dear lord…), how long, devastating and hardcore my last ride was or which race I’m gonna attend next.

In the last couple of years I’ve been listening to those kinda stories over and over and over again and as far as I remember I never asked for it. To me it’s a bit like having to listen to other people’s sex stories: While I can totally understand that you go off on it, I clearly believe in the gentleman way of enjoying it and keeping it to yourself. I understand cycling is a more public thing than sex, that’s why I talk about it far more often than about sex, but I still choose my stories and listeners carefully and don’t force my cycling wisdom down other people’s throats.

So my suggestion is this: If you really like what you’re doing, isn’t the actual act of doing it so much more gratifying than talking about it? (Or, in other words: More riding, less blabla.) I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t talk about it at all though. Just choose your listeners wisely and do spend a second to think about if someone really wants to hear your stories. The expression on your listener’s face will give you a hint.

Having said this, I remember I’m writing a cycling related blog…Well, touché…


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