A few days ago I ran into my neighbor. He usually is a really laid back, relaxed guy. He wasn’t on that particular day. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that he was insanely furious because of the annual, corporately sponsored cycling race that was going on and open to anyone willing to pay for it.
He kept ranting about all these “goddamn” cyclists blocking the roads, turning five minute car commutes into two hour long Homer-like odyssees. In the morning. On a sunday morning, to be specific.
And I was totally with him.
Paying horrendous entry fees to ride your bike on a blocked public road ain’t exactly my kind of thing either. Still, I couldn’t care less.
Now I’m not really into vintage lugged steel frames but when he – out of nowhere –  started talking about the great deal he made the week before, he regained my attention. “All 80s … all original parts … well maintained”, is what I remember.

“Do you think I got ripped off? What’s an acceptable price for that? Would you ride something like that? Do you think that was a good deal? I mean, I haven’t ridden it yet, but it’s a KILLER bike! What do you think?”

So these are the questions you’re confronted with on a sunday morning if you choose to give a little bicycle related advice from time to time.

The smartest thing I could come up with – since he didn’t have his new acquisition with him – was something about him obviously being happy with the choice he made, which is probably the best deal he could have made for money.

After a short moment of confusion he just put on a genuine sunday smile and went up the stairs only to turn around on the third step and tell me: “You know what, I already forgot about the stress this morning. Thank you.”

Ups and downs of cycling, huh?


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