Eurobike 2014 lies behind us and while we skipped this year due to laziness, we still have some fond memories of last year. If you’ve ever been to a bicycle trade you know the deal and if you haven’t, we congratulate and pity you to the same extend. Seriously though, it’s a lot of fun if you can spare the business side and just dilly-dally from carbon time trial madness to the latest super lightweight-whatever to Shimano’s qualified personnel enthusiastically stretching the benefits of DI2.

Extra highlights include daily parties thrown by some of the bigger brands in the cycling industry. Last year’s winner included a totally distorted PA system playing top 40 from about ’92 – ’95 complete with live saxophone, none the less distorted. Favourite (and only) drink of the night was some hip lemonade-goes-juice mixed with Schnaps served by a “barkeeper”  who sported the “good evening Mr. Bond, what’ll it be today?”-look. Lemonade wasn’t cold, no ice and “served” in plastic cups (kind of like a metaphor for the whole trade).

Of course there’s always that notion of thinking: “Man, I wonder what my favourite brand is up to this year, can’t wait to hit the booth!” Only to find something like this:


I was standing there for at least 10-15 minutes looking at things I already own or never want to own, thinking the good guys of Nitto were storing a million tiny stickers and free giveaways in that bag but nothing happened. Maybe it was just one guy there and he probably had to take a 30 minute walk to the next toilet just to be standing in a 30 minute queue because companies had to share toilets with the public.

In retrospective, this was probably my favourite booth cause it’s completely dissing the whole cycling-industry and every single person who came to Eurobike with serious intentions. Take a flight from Tokio to Friedrichshafen, throw out 7 handlebars, 3 stems, a bottlecage and a cap and then leave for some asian food and take an epic shit in a public restroom. Think I’m moving to Japan to start work at Nitto and hang out at Keirin races in my freetime…

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