Let’s get down to some hardcore swag bike voyeurism. Found this beauty leaning against a shopping cart hut:


Inconspicuous at first sight but taking a closer look you realize someone put meticulous work into this 26” urban speed machine. Where do I even start? This ride has so many great features.

disridehere_parkinglotfind_detail_barYou gotta love freewheel bikes with only one brake. And bells that can only be reached by doing some well practiced, cramp provoking index finger stretching. Safety first – by all means.
Now I’m not really into vintage lugged steel frames but that used-to-be-purple/wants-to-be-chrome color scheme really caught my eye. Instant classic even though I never heard of the geometry principle “seat tube length equals seat post length”. You live and learn, I guess.
And what exactly happened to the bar? I thought bullhorn bars were made for funny angles. Who needs riser bars anyway when you can get a custom forward stretch bar by a simple rotation of 90 degrees. Or it’s a custom made free-hand bike which would explain the lack of bar tape or grips.disridehere_parkinglotfind_detail_saddle
You may think the saddle is poorly fixed with duct tape when it is actually a merino layer to protect that exclusive panda leather saddle from aggressive ball sweat.

I could go on and on.

disridehere_parkinglotfind_detail_frontlightAnd I will: You didn’t notice the pedal reflector, did you? Probably because it’s not mounted onto the highly ancient platform pedal but on the fork. There you go. Recycling at its best – reusing whacky pedal reflectors as front lights.

I also like the idea of u-locking your front wheel to the frame, challenging thieves to wheelie their loot home. Don’t go easy on ’em!

No matter what, the best thing about this bike clearly is the owner not giving a single fuck about any of the mentioned features. That’s the spirit, keep it up.

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