Allright folks, it’s Friday, it’s winter, it’s raining all day, every day. Not the best time of the year for us day to day bike freaks. It’s a steady routine of getting wet, having the wind freeze your cheeks, fixing flats with icy hands and getting wet over and over and over again. In fact, I’m contemplating riding naked during winter. Would save me a hell of a lot of hassle, changing clothes every 15 minutes and having my washing machine go commando on my electricity bill.

So what to do during those ¬†horrible winter months? Go internet bike shopping? We’re past that here at disridehere. Too many bikes, too little sunny weather to ride em. Some might suggest hitting the rollers. Well, I did but that doesn’t protect me from the rain and cold once I’m out, does it? Of course you can use the winter months to carefully arrange your racing season. Get your tickets for this years red hook series, don’t forget to design your brand new team jersey, freshen up your instagram and facebook team accounts cause what’s even more important than simply enjoying riding your bike? You got it. Bike fame.

Or, you could simply do things humans do when it gets cold outside. Don’t ride a bike unless absolutely necessary (about twice a day max..), see what life has to offer besides riding bikes, and I don’t mean talking, posting, buying or pimping bikes. There’s so much more the world has to offer besides riding bikes. You could check out some (non bike-) art for example, read a book (not bike related!), talk to your friends unless you only have friends involved in the cycling culture thingy. In that case, just shut the fuck up for a couple of months, that shit ain’t good for you. Get some real friends, go socialize without taking your fixed gear fucking everywhere and please, for the love of god, wash that damn cycling cap at least once a year, we all know you’ve been a messenger for close to two years now, you can officially label¬†yourself ‘oldschool’ now.

Another thing you can do is tidy up and hit the club. In this case it might even be ok to pull out your ride and take it with you. I’ve seen people taking their ride into the club so I guess riding your bike to the club is acceptable. You might want to take extra care of your bike matching your outfit or being somewhat unique cause in 2016 you’re not gonna turn any heads with your polished histogram frame, your poorly set up bullhorn bar or your half a ton china ‘carbon’ rim that looks like a life buoy. Go for classic looks instead, they’ll make you feel so oldschool you’ll be switching to wooden frames pretty soon:


There you go, leo meets pink, a timeless classic. Take this ride anywhere and get ready for everyone except fixed gear gangstas commenting on it. You’ll meet tons of regular schmoes who have never heard the word keirin or skidpatch. Or you could go all the way and attend the next fixed gear hype event on dis ride here:


Put on a turbo saddle and you got yourself a race ready ride. You could even earn some extra oldschool points by designing matching team jerseys, 80s Chippolini style, leo/pink, curly hair, shiny lips, you know the deal.

Not to imagine what would happen if a fixed gear girl power all vegan cycling team should decide to claim this design as their team colors..

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