January has already passed and like every year, it takes me a good month of adjusting to the new years vibe. Basically it’s same shit, different day mode except everyone is going bananas over this year being the hottest shit. Like, ever. Whether it’s announcing the drop of your new record you spent 2 years working on or posting your 2016 team jersey design along with your criterium race dates, this year the world’s gonna hear from you for sure.

Meanwhile us regular everyday cycling shmoes face our own struggles: Bad, I mean seriously bad weather, snowstorms included, cold feet, cold hands, cold everything, fighting traffic in the dark and about a million fucking flats cause the de-icing salt nowadays is some seriously sharp edged shit. I hit the local bike shop the other day to get a fresh puncture kit, guy told me they were sold out. In January. Bet he couldn’t have seen that one coming.

So anyways, if you want to or have to stay active on the bike on a day to day basis, you have to toughen up a fair bit. Fix your flats, clean and re-grease your chain, dry your beloved steel frame and prepare for a serious post winter checkup if you want to have your bottom bracket and headset spinning smoothly until next year. You gotta keep that shit together and tie it up.

Like the owner of dis ride here spotted by a good friend of ours:

the tie that binds_post_01

See, you don’t need that new carbon track wheelset to be a hero. In fact all you need to do is wrap it up. Don’t be a sissy if something breaks, let alone if it’s still working. And if it breaks, fix that motherfucker:

the tie that binds_post_02

There, like new! Not sure about the lateral stiffness but I guess it does the job. And the webbing load restraint assembly makes for a nice top tube protector. Just imagine the horror of putting a dent into the top tube.

the tie that binds_post_03

Considering the professionalism MacGuyver wrapped that shit around the tube makes me wonder how he fixes his car or his flat. Or anything for that matter.

Also makes me re-think the situation where I found the toilet seat in my hotel room was completely broken in half the other day. So I went to the reception and told them to fix it. The receptionist looked at me as if I just made the story up: ‘Does it bother you?’

‘Noo. No madam, it’s ok. I’ll just use the force and hover above the toilet while I do my business..’

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