Competitive comparison seems to be a worldwide phenomenon amongst people in general. No matter what age, surroundings, financial circumstances. Who’s got the freshest kicks? Whose smartphone cam can record more fps? Who can down his beer the fastest? Who’s getting the pole position on the next red light when commuting to work? Who is the baddest fixed gear gangsta that needs new tires every month? ‘Every week, bro!’…

Cycling-wise the epitome of useless competition is either STRAVA or fixed gear criteriums, I guess. Though STRAVA can indeed be a nice tool to keep track of your routes, whereas competitive sports never really got to me. Especially not when amongst over motivated and way too serious fixie guys who even manage to start a meta competition battling out who got the best ratio of bucks per mm of china carbon deep section aero rims. Which they are then hectically beating around way too tight tracks, hop skidding into hairpins, scratching their fresh out the box clipless pedals and eventually being lapped by someone who is more into riding and less into giving a shit. Same probably applies to amateur road bike events. Nah, I’d rather pass on that.

And I think I found a bike belonging to someone who experienced the exact same epiphany: Fuck your competitions, fuck your equipment, I’m sticking to riding exclusively against my own comforts and for my own pleasure, not someone else’s due to smoking me cause he’s got factory new 1080s instead of used 808s from ebay.


Classic Bianchi Celeste, not even close to classic frame design. Ugly as shit welds but probably still sold for four-digit value. I guess someone really agreed to some financial commitment here. Dura Ace 9000, Corima carbon tubulars, all that stuff… is what you don’t see. Instead it’s got a proper down-to-earth and somewhat nasty dent, a token of its boring factory norm brushed aluminium core glimmering through the luxury celeste coating. And of some criterium dickhead crashing into him.

And that was it. No more racing, dispose of the lycra, delete your STRAVA account and finally do what was always locked inside your cycling attitude and is now to be released to the urban environment: Build up a worthy frame with relatively unworthy parts and enter the zone of not giving a shit.


Damn, those fenders say it all. Add some fancily wrapped bullhorns and pink Deep V’s to really show that style is no longer of your concern. Neither is safety cause when you’ve seen it all, there’s no need for two seperate brakes on a singlespeed. Nevertheless it is still recommended to geek out on color-coordinating your spacers with your saddle, don’t wanna be mistaken as a complete newbie to the cycling game.


The Italian KING has returned to stand on the other side of the criterium track barriers and wallow in nostalgic memory of the good ol’ days. Or maybe he’s just saving for disc wheels in order to reduce the last per mill of drag and finally show that douchy 1080 guy who’s boss. We’ll never know.

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