We’re living in a time where people are searching for something ‘real’, something natural, something ‘pure’ because from our clothes to our food, our relationships, our jobs, our news and our communication, a hell of a lot of things are watered down and packed up in so much plastic it’s hard to breathe freely sometimes. But it’s hard to escape.

You hit the local ‘bio-market’ to get some sustainably produced vegetables that are packed in plastic and were driven throughout the continent with a big, fume emitting truck spending a shitload of energy on cooling them for days so your bio crops will get to you ‘fresh’.

You jump on a plane that takes you to a far away place where you can enjoy beautiful countrysides and breathtaking sunsets that you can post on every single platform available. Most people do it right at the spot because who can enjoy a whole friggin sunset for as long as it takes without holding a piece of plastic computer in your hand and hit the ‘post now’ button?

And then there’s bikes. Fuck the fact that nothing about producing a bike is ‘green’ or ‘bio’, as an urban cyclist you can feel green as a weed bud cause you chose the greenest way to get around (did anyone ever consider walking?). Not to think of your bio status if you’re riding a singlespeed. And just like with ‘bio supermarkets’, the industry has long discovered the singlespeed/fixed gear bike market to exploit and give us that pure feeling we as urbanites so desperately need:


They even called it PURE and really managed to keep it up to date. May I mention that it’s 2015? And because it’s 2015 you can only be pure and up to date with matt black deep rims laced to matching black hubs with black spokes. Matt black pedals, straps, saddle, stem, basically anything besides the frame make the picture complete. Even the all so famous fixed gear front brake is black, woohoo. Once more I’d like to mention it’s 2015 and people still believe that having a fixed gear with a front brake is a good idea. Then again, looking at the ‘bullhorn tilted upwards/whimpy front brake lever in ridiculous position’ thing is kind of a classic by now. What’s also a classic is the absolutely pure fixed/freewheel flip flop hub:


Just in case you should notice riding fixed is a bit too pure, you can change to freewheel in an instant. It’ll be so much fun with just the front brake then. Even purer than before. Another thing that’s really pure on this ride is the labels:


6061 double butted aluminum, very ‘bio’ and very pure. Just as the Keirin reference I have yet to understand. What the fuck has this bike to do with keirin? I mean how far away from an official NJS approval can a bike be? But enough of that, apart from being pure dis ride here also lets you know that it ain’t nothin to fuck with:


Endzone TM? What the fuck? What does this mean, endzone written on your saddle? I’ll let you do the thinking. And last but not least, the purest thing of it all, located at the purest spot of a bike, not to be overseen or messed with, the mighty pure headbadge:


A crowned skeleton with green hair, what does this say about the ride and its owner? Again, I’ll let you do the thinking. The one question that’s left is can it get any more pure than this?

I’d say put a ‘Go Vegan!’ sticker on it and you’re in purity heaven..

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