Thanks to seasonal circumstances like falling leaves and a buttload of rain we’re forced to either switch from ‘lightweight slim tires summertime ride’ to something sturdy and reliable or face the fact that quite some time will be spent on cleaning, maintaining and fixing our beloved bikes. Or not. But you know where that ends.

However, at this time of the year you gotta have a hands on mentality if you really want to or have to ride every day. You will get wet, dirty, exhausted, sweating under too much fancy quasi cycle specific clothes yet still have a freezing face and hands, you know the deal. And then it happens, when your hands are completely numb, its gettin dark, you forgot to charge your lights (again), out of nowhere, you guessed it, flat rear.

Hands on, knowhamsayin? Either walk that extra hour home or drag your soaking ass and bike on a packed train or bus, oh joy. Or once again hate yourself for not carrying a puncture kit and some damn tire lifters and a mini pump, how hard can it be? Like one of them ‘more messenger than messenger’ dudes carrying a complete tool set and some free rollers tucked to their oversized messenger bag. Speaking of it, by now probably everyone and their mama have build up their own singlespeed/fixed gear/urban style ride. And probably customized it, too. Maybe they’ve even been to a real framebuilder once or twice and now they know everthing one could know about tubing, soldering and welding. But they ain’t seen nothin yet. Cause there’s folks out there who create something like dis ride here:


Ok, let’s see. First thing first, where do you sit down? Ok, so there’s two saddles and two drivetrains, got it. I also see two handlebars and a brake lever but they’re not attached to the steering in any way. Let’s have another look:


One more time: Two saddles, two drivetrains and two handlebars that wont move, pretty hands down so far. Let’s have a look at the front:


Like a king. Or a captain. You will feel important, let’s put it that way. So up until now I assume you need at least 3 people to move and navigate this motherfucker. That can be accomplished. What’s kinda impossible to accomplish is to figure out why exactly someone would build a machine like this. Must have something to do with fun, I can get into that. The whole thing is kinda conceptual and thought out yet totally ‘wildstyle whatever comes to mind will be soldered to something’:


You could spend days checking out every little feature of this bike and contemplating what its purpose was but the one main special feature is of course, ‘Le Grill’:


There you have it, building up your next fixed gear is so 2005, nowadays you gotta solder grills and shit to dada-esque rides to stirr it up. So throw away your urban fixed gear, your disc wheel for track use only, your team jersey, your ticket to the next criterium and your urban cycling scene attitude and shake it up a little, start a new trend and build yourself a real d.i.y. ride.

Bike punks will love you, the scene will think you’re nuts and follow soon after, random people will stop and wonder in amusement, you’ll be recycling some old metal, you’ll be bike king. Think about it when you’re giving your creation the last magic touch and solder something unique to it, something that’s only there to show em where it’s at:


D.I.Y barbeque bike king, poppin a kickflip every now and then.

Watch out urban bike community, he’s out to grill ya..

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