Monday. A day like any other basically but if you’re caught in modern day living Monday can be a drag. You might still be recovering from the weekend, the rest of the world is in grumpy Monday mood and most of us attend work rather unwillingly. Forcing your body outside while your brain is still dwelling on those sweet weekend memories can only be smoothed by riding a bike. And speaking of weekends, come Friday and all that Monday pain is completely banned from your brain, party mode is about to be engaged. So you got the weekend in front of you, party plans well thought out and a bunch of friends wanna get jiggy with ya. Now all you need is the right attitude. Not just any attitude cause nowadays you gotta have attitude when you go grocery shopping, let alone if you step into the club. Attitude is also mandatory if you ride a bike. You can choose between quasi-vintage singlespeed, gangsta fixed gear or any kind of funky self made special ride noone else but you can own. Just make sure to act all down with that shit, you’re not just riding a bike, you’re displaying a lifestyle right there. Here’s some things you can do to really back up that attitude:

Attend night rides. While everyone else is partying, you’re takin that attitude on the streets, where it belongs so to speak. If you do it on a fixed gear you’re pretty close to attitude overload and if you do it with a crew, welcome to attitude heaven. Not to think of what it means if you got your own jerseys.

Or, you can just fuck it and be as cool as the owner of dis ride here:


Saturday night, on the way to the club after having passed about a hundred of skiddi widdi fixed gear meisters there it was: Klein fuckin Attitude. Now that’s an attitude I can get down with. First of all, Klein always rules, especially the golden 90s era, straight ahead mtb, no silly suspension gimmicks (unless some time later) and colors that let your attitude go through the roof:


Absolutely lovely shape it was in, too. And again, I’m totally down with that attitude. Maintaining a classic that most people would put on display yet still using it as your saturday night club ride and most importantly not giving a single fuck about the current urban cycling fashion code is where it’s at. Cause really, who except for maybe 2 nerdy bike bloggers, the owner himself and maybe about 2 more people in a close to 2 million town will notice or even cherish dis ride here?


Anyhow. It was as refreshing as it was colorfully shining, even in that dim urban light. The colors even got me on a little trip, too. Imagine instead of fixed gear bikes, 90s mtbs would be the hot shit cause some dudes in San Francisco had made a movie about riding mtbs through the urban jungle some 15 years ago. Do you really think all those bike attitude gangstas would be riding fixed gears with deep rims nowadays?

Or better yet, does anyone remember the 80s? I mean bike wise? Remember when the world slowly but surely got hold of some dudes on the west coast riding 26″ Schwinns down some hills and through traffic? You didn’t see any fixed gears on the street back then.

Still wondering?..

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