Holiday season is in full effect and while one of the best ways to spend the summer is to cycle the world, there are about a million other things worth doing that barely involve bikes. Like hiking or climbing hills or exploring hard to reach countrysides which could not be reached by bike, even them all suspension everything über-mtbs. And swimming of course. They say life began and evolved in the water so I guess swimming triggers more of the human instinct than cycling whatsoever. Plus I’d rather go swimming on a boiling hot day than cycle. Better yet, the perfect turnout would be to live close to the beach and cycle there for about 10 minutes, towel wrapped around your neck and a bottle of water tucked to your rear rack. And dis ride here is the perfect vehicle for just that:


It’s old, it’s comfy, it will force you to ride slow and get into chill mode the second you start pedaling. And it looks way cool. Who said something about his new carbon frame or posted pictures of his epic summer fixed gear tour back home? Nobody, that’s who. It’s just me and my chill ride, the sun and the sea. Plus dis ride here has stood the test of time about a hundred times. This is what the modern world would call ‘true vintage’ and there’s quite a bunch of folks spending money and time to relic their game yet they’ll never reach their goal cause they don’t understand that all it takes is actually not buying new parts for your ‘vintage’ bike and simply living and riding is all it takes. Let the sun and water and wind do their thing and keep cool:


I tried to find a part that had been exchanged because it wore off or broke off or something but everything seemed to be original. And I don’t mean that in a sense of ‘let’s put this ride on display cause it’s old and everything is original’. It was surrounded by other ‘originals’ that were used for the same purpose for the last give and take 50 years. And all it has to do is get around the corner so you could get some fruit and water and hit the beach. Job accomplished. Why even bother to change anything? Life is good. As are the original cable housings, rims, fenders and just about everything else:


While I consider this to be just a bike you ride to the beach and back I’m still happy and gratefull that this bike once again reminded me that you don’t need a lot of fancy things to be happy and that takin a step back from modern and hectic life is something that should be done more regularly.

Preferably on a bike..

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