It’s July 2015 and once again the cycling world is about to hit its annual climax. The Tour de France is in full effect, local triathlons draw thousands of pumped up aero-conscious strava junkies, fixed gear global tours are being recorded from all possible angles and street crits are the new superbowl. The urban cycling community is busy displaying their ‘hot’ style at the coffee shop or ice cream parlor, business as usual. As funny and entertaining as it is most of the time, it’s also a bit tiring because all that effort can be a bit too much. It almost seems mandatory to have some kind of attitude or scene connection when riding a bike and the whole ‘look at me and my dope ride’ thing gets out of control sometimes.

But there’s help. Every now and then you happen to stumble over something that reminds you of a time where being dope came with the things you did instead of the things you own or how hard you put yourself on display. It’s like an echo from afar sometimes when you have to take a second look or listen:


First reaction: ‘Haha, check out the funny child seat, imma take a quick picture’. And then the echo gets louder. Wait a minute, well maintained lugged steel MTB frame from back in the day? Wonder who’s riding it. Let me take another pic just for the fun of it:


I got one for you Columbus SLX know-it-alls discussing tube materials till the cows come home: True Temper handlebars. They’ll silence you in a second next time you gonna try and brag about your track frame tubing at the post alleycat party. And it gets even better. While the fixed gear scene seems to have reversed its skid patch calculation reasoning to ‘less is more’ cause having the deepest skid marks equals being the toughest, dis ride here does it without even trying:


I’m tellin ya, it’s the things you do instead of the things you own or pretend to do. Here’s an equation: Some go on an internet record search that will literally take seconds and a mouse click to get a ‘used to be super rare and require some serious diggin’ 12″ single just to own it or maybe brag about it on the net. And some will spin that shit at the next party cause that’s what it was meant for anyway. On a 45, too. And people will smile and enjoy.

Just as I did when I saw this bike. And the echo got even louder: ‘Wait a minute, I think I’ve seen dis ride here before..’


Yes I did. And guess what, the owner is as relaxed about the whole bike craze as can be. That’s not to say he’s not aware though. It’s more like taking a look from the side and be like:

‘Yeah, you probably gave a shit about bikes a couple of years ago while this old trusty ride here was already cruisin around and now you’re all-out-bike and guess what, I’m still riding the same bike’.

And he probably will for many more years, even if the urban community will finally drop riding bikes as a style statement and jump on the next hype. You know what they used to call that?


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