Ever feel like the everyday routine is wearing you down? Feeling exhausted from work and the stress of modern urban life? Asking yourself how to pay for that epic holiday trip you were gonna plan but then life and stuff got in the way? Well here’s a thing you can almost always do: Grab a friend and a bike and head to somewhere you’re somewhat familiar with for a couple of days and just ride around and take it easy. It’s simple, it’s cheap and you’ll sleep like a baby if you ride around on your bike the whole day. If your surrounding should happen to not attract any tourists or fancy folk at all then that’s a real bonus. You’ll be forgetting about all the hype that’s going on at home, especially as bikes are concerned. While everyone is busy planing their next flight to the next big fixed gear criterium you’ll be strollin along simply enjoying summer for once:

breaking the cycle_post_01

Simple as that. Fresh fruit, sunshine and empty streets, what more could a cycling heart ask for?  Ok, some might need a little more to quench their cycling lust like hordes of roadies on fancy carbon everything or fixed gear summer collection instagram hunters but we at DISRIDEHERE were totally content with sites like these:

breaking the cycle_post_02

I dare you to try and be more relaxed while riding. I mean can you imagine he ever spent a single thought on anything unnecessary when it comes to cycling? Seeing him pedal in slomo made me feel like seeing the zen master of cycling, focused yet at ease, letting his thoughts flow through his mind without getting attached and simply being. Now. And you thought you’d have to spend a fortune to take a yoga class in India to get spiritual enlightment. Well, you don’t. Just ride that damn thing till it’s time to relax:

breaking the cycle_post_03

Ride, rest, ride some more, eat, drink, drink and ride some more, sleep, repeat. Pure zen. Who said you need fancy bikes and an attitude to do that? Whoever did, go tell em to buy a track bike and some vegan ice cream so they can dwell in feeling so unique. Ok, there’s other attitudes around that suck just as hard but again, if you travel to a non-fancy area the highest attitude level you will encounter will be something like this:

breaking the cycle_post_04

The license plate says ‘again, one car less’ but really, who except for two bike nerds on a breakaway trip really gives a fuck? He was hardcore though, it was pretty hot that day and he was pushing that thing up a rather steep hill in jeans and a jacket while we were already pulling of our sweaty shirts.

Another thing an unhip area brings with it is that you can actually amusingly enjoy the cycling ‘styles’ portrayed:

breaking the cycle_post_05

You just can’t go wrong with a place where this is considered cool. Cause really, I’d rather see freaks like that than the next color confused singlespeed or matt black bullhorn meets front brake fixed gear urban machine. Instead, you can check out what locals consider to be unique:

breaking the cycle_post_06

A clear case of ‘gimme everything but fuck fenders’. Seeing rides like that all the time on your trip will soon make you forget about things like ‘cycling culture’ or custom frames. You might even remember why you fell in love with cycling a long time ago, exept if you got into cycling 3 years ago because you saw someone ride a fixed gear down a hill. In this case, please attend an alleycat and at least one fixed criterium in your holiday.

Everyone else, please enjoy your breakaway trips and maybe even leave your phones and cameras at home.

Exept if you’re writing a cycling related blog, then by all means go out and shoot the shit out of random people on random bikes to write random stuff about them..

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