Does anyone remember the time when the word ‘fixie’ wasn’t yet invented? It was a time when the cycling world fought out its battles amongst itself and the mainstream didn’t notice cause other things were drawing the lifestyle oriented urban person’s attention much harder than bikes did. The word ‘yuppie’ was all too present, Michael Jordan was about to push Magic Johnson from basketball’s throne, a little thing called skateboarding was about to make it big worldwide and a track bike was a track bike. Sure, there were dudes in New York messengering on track bikes, mostly from the Caribbean on classic track bikes, tubs and all. The one little modification was maybe to exchange the clips and put some MTB style plastic clips on em, the rest was pretty straight forward, track bike. Basta. And nobody noticed.

Fast forward to 2015, cycling is THE shit. No matter what style, but style it has to be. Everyone and their mama knows what a fixed gear is by now. And uses the word ‘fixie’ quite commonly to at least underline their underground knowledge or whatever. In fact, cycling is so mainstream I’m expecting my bank handing out fixed gear bikes as a welcome present to opening your new account anytime soon: ‘The interest rate is fucked up but you can choose the color of your welcome fixie!’. Ok, they might not be handing out complete bikes but I bet it’ll be something bike related. Think I’m fantasizing too much? You have no idea what we at DISRIDEHERE are going through sometimes. When you least expect it something like this might happen:

disrideher_new age_post_01

I’m not looking, I’m not looking, I got better things to do than spy on bikes…aah fuck it, let me have another look cause I don’t believe what I think I just saw:

disrideher_new age_post_02

Thank you. Thank you internet, thank you lifestyle oriented urban people, thank you media, thank you hype that nowadays it seems you gotta spell out everything! Gone are the days of understatement, let alone underground. I don’t mean to get all nostalgic but seriously, can we please get a rest? If this goes on, 10 years from now there will only be multi colored, cheaply built fixed gears left. Doctors and lawyers will wear lycra to work and sport their new chainring tats, mothers will tell their kids to ride their fixies more often, messengers will have full health insurance, dental plan included and Boy Scouts will be organizing the annual fixie world championships..

Dear cycling lord, sometimes it seems the future is already here..

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