What does cycling mean to you? Wait, before you answer that, think for a minute. Ready for your answer?.. Please, that was a rhetorical question ride dere. And here’s another one: Who’s into heavy bike customizing?! Probably about everybody nowadays so no need to answer that question either. As a matter of fact, I believe that custom is the new norm, so why even bother. Special frame design, custom paintjobs, NJS at the front, wussie carbon in the rear, more colors, more bling, more talk, more everything. Less cycling, it sometimes seems. But yall don’t have a clue. You might think you’re down with the real shit cause you had your frame custom built by a ‘legendary’ frame builder or better yet, you built it yourself. You ain’t seen nothin yet. Hold your custom breath and take a look at dis ride here:


Yeah I know, your buddy built a tall bike once and you’re about to finally get that super duper cargo bike you’ve been brabbling about since last summer but can you find a name for this?

Go ahead, examine as long as you want. I dare you to find a sensible explanation for this. I tried myself when I met the fine gentleman who actually built this bike. I explained my fascination and amusement but he didn’t get it. No, I mean he couldn’t understand cause he was Polish and didn’t speak another language. But he had a hands on mentality and quickly demonstrated and explained the main function of his own invention. In Polish, that is. Still, I probably wouldn’t have really understood what he had in mind when creating this machine had he talked in any language. What I did understand is that it’s made from carbon obviously and that the steering allows for a twisty kind of cornering:


It looks like he’s about to fall but he could turn around 180° on the spot. What freaked me out a little bit was that you couldn’t really foresee what his legs and feet would be doing the next second. He probably had that in mind during the development phase of his drivetrain:


Go figure, it hurts my brain trying to make sense of these. Anyhow, after a couple of quirky turns I believe he tried to explain that he’s about to build more of these bikes and sell em to whoever needs to cut corners like a pro. I asked for his business card but he obviously didn’t get my request. I really dig those nutty professors, they’ll spend days and months and years over years of their lives engineering and conceptualizing the shit out of whatever material they got available to finally see their vision become reality. But they usually can’t get shit done business wise. 10 years of heavy work put into a carbon bike but no chance to get a business card done which takes a couple of minutes literally and might help you if you’re trying to establish a business in a country whose language you don’t speak. Fascinating. Almost as fascinating as the, hmm, what should we call it? Headset? My brain hurts too much, you go ahead and tell me:


I think I’ll print that out and make a custom spokecard out of it and attach it to every ‘lopro aluminum frame meets carbon rims true track goes criterium fixed gear’ I see.

Boy, that’ll be some cards to print..

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