Saturday night, big city lights, everybody’s out havin a good time. What sounds like the hookline of the latest EDM infused, quasi rap meets pop mainstream production is actually tough reality if you’re living in a bigger city. And because everybody is out havin a good time, we gotta get into it, too.

So lets see, as experienced 21st century urbanites we plan out our sacred saturday night wisely, yet we gotta act all out spontaneous cause you never know where this crazy lifestyle might lead you to. How about hitting that ‘underground’ vernissage everyone is talking about thus making it the biggest ‘underground’ event of the night. Have you ever mingled with them artsy fartsy folks brabbling about streetart as if they invented that shit and know all about it cause they’ve seen ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’? Jeez, one might spend holy saturday night talking to fixed gear kids who just got their first bullhorn bar as a birthday present instead, same effect. Your brain will feel all squishy and you’ll be screaming for drugs and alcohol pretty soon to ease the pain. Mission accomplished, kinda..So, to cure the pain the art lovers have created we hit the next big thing, hiphop meets haute cuisine. Folks attending such an event really know how to kick you when you’re down. I’ll spare you the details but let me say this much, if you’re down with honest smiles and relaxed laughter, better take some friends.

But anyway, one of saturday night’s core questions of course is: How do we get there? And back?! The first question is quite easy to answer: Bike. The second one might be a bit more complicated. Might I still be able to ride? Will my saturday night fixed gear get stolen while I’m twerking the night away? Will I be able to spot my chrome deep V’s between a million chrome wheelsets parking in front of the same ‘underground’ club?

That’s some tough shit to contemplate on a weekend. And then there’s dis ride here to solve your problems all at once:


Trusty club ride, carry me home. In style, that is. Although I’ve noticed there’s kind of an ‘underground’ hype going on with oldschool folding bikes I don’t think this one will be a bike thief’s first choice. So it’s kinda safe. And easy to spot, even more so with them pink tires. It’s easy and comfy to ride and you won’t be hitting the ground too hard if you fall, basically it’s like tripping while walking. You can also take it to work on monday, still not 100% sober and fold it up to take it on the train if you’re too lazy to ride. And while you’re sitting there you can admire the mint condition plastic knobs for adjusting the stem hight and unlocking the folding mechanism.


Beautiful. Imagine what urban cycling would be like if those bikes would have been used by early 2000s NYC messengers. Tatooed, heavily bearded dudes and their female counterparts attending alleycats and criteriums on folding bikes. Tough looks, talk about the best 3 gear hub shifting and bike companies popping out every second with a special frameset. Carbon folding frames and clip pedals on folding bikes, folding bike crews going for epic rides looking tough as shit on top of that mountain.

If scientists should ever invent the time travelling machine, they can use me as their guinea pig and send me back to the 90s to implement the folding bike into the messenger scene so 20 years later everybody and his brother will say:

‘The reason why I ride folding bikes is because I feel ‘one’ with the bike and it lets me pedal swiftly through urban traffic, it’s simple and clean and I can ride with my friends and a million other people who look and act just like us and the best thing: It’s so unique and underground I finally found a place to belong..’

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