The term ‘voyeurism’ might result in somewhat negative connotations when read since it is solely defined as something sexual. Not like we’re turned on by spying on bikes while hiding in bushes, but still, ‘voyeurism’ as in ‘the pleasure of looking at something’ describes our intentions quite well. Even if sometimes it’s a pretty sadistic pleasure, as we mostly portrait bikes that aren’t pleasing at all, except when made fun of.

Most of the time it’s just a funny little detail on a randomly parked bike that makes me stop walking or riding, take out my phone and start ‘voyeurizing’, which comes down to a quick closer look, snapping a few pictures, laughing at my discovery and even more at myself for calling it a ‘discovery’ and then moving on with whatever I was doing, like strolling around aimlessly, discussing where to get the next cortado or other big city life matters millenials need to be concerned about these days.

I guess you can easily tell which detail got me distracted from my busy schedule on dis ride here:


That’s right. The brand name backwards reads ‘aebro’ which (since right now) is the cool scene word for aerodynamicly apprehensive, young male cyclists. It’s like writing ‘Gabehcuod’ on your singlespeeded colnago, yet a bit more subtle. Main feature of true aebro’s bikes are ridiculously tilted saddles which indicate how long you’ve been in the scene. I wonder if oldschool aebros are legitimately riding their saddles upside down… or even upright again. Will there be some kind of scene reincarnation when you’ve hit an aebro 360? Like the club of aebro veterans awards you with a ‘level up!’ spoke card?

I think I’d rather join a different club with cooler rewards. If I send in my application papers to the bicycle heat insulation association this week, how long will it take me to reach level one? Really diggin their bar tape design:


Looks as if it might come in handy when you’re touring the Sahara and want to protect your fingers from major burns. So far I’ve always been more of a sea guy than a desert guy, but who knows? Maybe I’ll broaden my horizon a little?

Then again, all to go for after that fine first prize would probably be some lousy top tube wrapping, which I consider completely pointless, no matter where you’re touring.

I’ll just stick to slightly paradoxal non-sexual voyeurism and reward myself with a cool blog.

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