You may remember a post concerning classic Italian road bike customizing. We absolutely digged that, honestly. Few things beat the beauty of a well built classic, even without all the effort of browsing ebay for that vintage super record derailleur from exactly 1972, because the brake cables you found in your basement happen to be from exactly that year. No offense, but I’m just not enough of a hardcore lugged steel frame lover to identify with that. Even so, nice to look at, sure. If that’s your way of bike nerdism, who am I to judge? Not like we’re judging anyone on here…

Strangely though, I do feel a certain amount of discomfort when I see a classic being raped by modern day parts. At least you should go for the same decade… if you’re one of those L’Eroica guys or girls, think twice about scrolling.


Alright, ready?


Warned ya. Not to mention that this is another sad story of a killer road bike frame degraded to a singlespeed. In the last five years about twenty trillion companies emerged that sell frames particularly made for the purpose of riding through town with one gear fancily and cheaply. And that’s just the way it goes, money will be made off of anything a reasonable number of people are willing to pay for. I guess someone launched his or her website just now, selling ‘exclusive and unique urban bicycles’ or some shit.


Decent though no pro tubing, a few paint chips here and there, internal routing… suits a city/commuting steel road bike by all means if you ask me.


It even has shiny Italian brakes. Unfortunately, they’re operated by not really Italian levers.


Now if you L’Eroica people are still with me, you really are hardcore. Tektro brake levers on Campagnolo brakes… I can barely handle that, how can you?


So far it looks like someone found that frame somewhere, thought it was dope (which it is) and brought it to a bike shop demanding a ‘singlespeed with silver parts, but not for more than 300 bucks, please’. And to be fair, that’s what the bike shop accomplished, job done. Just take anything lying around as long as it’s silver. Bar tape? I’ll wrap it myself, how hard can it be? Obviously just as hard as getting somewhat matching, reasonably priced used parts, including gears. And yes, what you see above is indeed a pursuit bar. On the other hand, customers like this might be just what bike shops need to survive since all the real gangstas got it all figured out, ‘DIY or die’ and whatnot.


I wonder what that little hole below the dropouts is for. Probably good for pedal grinds in order to protect the chain. Am I sensing a new hype here? Vintage conversion singlespeed freestyle? VCSSFS? I better go print some shirts and stickers…

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