With singlespeed bikes being mainstream nowadays and about a million companies offering off the rack singlespeed models in all kinds of colors and shapes you would think we’ve reached the anti-climax of trendy urban cycling. But you failed miserably. There’s people out there who just can’t get enough. Enough color, enough uniqueness, enough ‘look at me and my ride’ factor. So things like dis ride here are bound to happen:

disridehere_keepin it real_post_01

Anyone has probably figured out by now that carbon three spokes are meant for time trials and not for city riding. So you see less HED3s and more fivespokes around. But what to do if you wanna take it one step further? I know. More plastic spokes:

disridehere_keepin it real_post_02

Fuck aero. That shit aint real. Lets build a bike that looks like a singlespeed but has a 3 gear shifting, how real is that? At least as real as this technique of modifying your chainline:

disridehere_keepin it real_post_03

And you thought you had it all figured out like them pros on the track, didn’t you? Well, tough break, measuring your rear hub spacing and bottom bracket axle width just aint real enough. And what’s the deal with front brakes on fixed gears, how come nobody complains about them not being real anymore? Once again, dis ride here knocks it up a notch:

disridehere_keepin it real_post_04

Safe. Realness and safety combined down to an art. Gaffer tape is for pussys, plastic cable binders are the shit.

And because realness usually comes in packs nowadays, this unique singlespeed nonsense ride has a faithful companion by its side:

disridehere_keepin it real_post_05

Layin it down. No bar tape and no break hood cause you’re not using the front break anyway, you’re much too real for that. Basically, there’s a simple formula that can be derived looking at the cockpit:

1″ stem height = urban realness height.

Or, if you’re not into math:

Low pro is for sissies…

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