There are a lot of ‘heroes’ in the world of cycling. Tour de France winners, Elite track champions, Paris-Roubaix survivors and so forth. Then there are the self proclaimed day to day heroes like messengers or critical mass participants, alleycat attendees and the ever so famous fixed gear crews doing whatever scores the highest scene credit points.

And then there are the ‘real’ heroes. Unsung and quiet, they manage their day to day hussle without posting their routes on facebook or strava. They simply do what has to be done. Like dis ride here fine gentleman on his way to work:


Early in the morning he feeds the kids, packs up his stuff and is on his way to drop the little one at kindergarten and head over to wherever he works. Of course he’s got to carry tons of shit and about 99% of all people facing similar tasks will either bitch and moan about the strain or pride themselves on having the best cargo bike in town but still won’t stop to bitch and moan.

But he’s different. You could tell by the expression on his face and the ease of his movement that he does what has to be done and that he’s happy with it. Doesn’t seem to give a single shit about special equipment either cause I didn’t see any dedicated baby buggy carry bag or anything like that. The antithesis to any overpacked wannabe messenger carrying a whole bike repair shop’s inventory even if he just hits the coffee shop.


See what I mean? Just strap that damn thing to your back and you’re good to go. You don’t need no fancy cycling clothes either, all you gotta do is pedal and watch out for crazy commuters every now and then. And your kid will be fine, too. No need for those huge rear mounted child seats or trailers:


Simple and cheap. And the little one gets a front row view. I think the rest of the cycling world can learn a valuable lesson from superdad. Every time you start freaking out about new equipment that will supposedly make you ride faster or longer or better in whatever way is usually just another industry marketing trick that can easily take the fun and simplicity out of cycling if you get too engaged. You can usually overcome most of life’s cycling burdens by using what you already have and simply adding a strap or cheap basket. Sure, it will not make you look like a messenger or up to date Copenhagen inspired commuter but who wants to look like that anyway? So remember, use what you’ve got, save some money and simply be happy that you’re healthy enough to ride a bike and that our streets are clean and safe most of the time.

I believe my disc wheel arrives next week..

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