Alright folks, spring has finally arrived. Everybody pull out your rides and go nuts. Seriously, I feel that spring’s the time of the year when everyone really does freak out and they all pull out their whackiest rides ever. Not a day goes by I don’t see at least half a dozen tragically funny bikes that haven’t seen the sunlight for a couple of months and now have to be renewed by whatever seems to come to mind. Let’s get inspirational, the sun is shining, love birds are singin, I think I’m in the mood for something like dis ride here:

disridehere_springs a comin_post_01

Straight up, all fixed out. But with a twist. I’m not shocked anymore by platform pedals on a steel track frame and the heavy city go gravel tires that will never see a velodrome. I could also care less about the cockpit, wohoo, bullhorn bars with a super short quasi brake lever mounted in the most senseless position ever. But the ultra short stem/spacer/handlebar in combination with the professional bar tape wrapping does strike a nerve:

disridehere_springs a comin_post_05

True track. But the best is yet to come. We all know why everyone and their brother rides fixed, right? Because it’s easy to maintain, it looks awesome and most importantly, you feel ‘one’ with your bike, not like on any other type of bike like a road bike for example where you feel completely separated from your ride all the time. Anything I forgot? Oh yeah, because it’s cool I guess and you get to buy tons of gimmicks that will make you look and feel like a messenger delivering plutonium to the power plant through heavy traffic, what a rush. You know the look, super clean and pure track bike but a million bags and chainrings and whatnot hangin from your body and for some reason you get to stuff everything in there but your u-lock. But remember, it’s spring so people go a little crazy:

disridehere_springs a comin_post_02

Ok, fine, that will carry your stuff for sure and it’s so next level fixed gear I almost wish I started this new spring collection trend: Rear racks for track bikes, fantastic. And here’s how to mount and properly align that shit:

disridehere_springs a comin_post_04

Wondering where to mount it at the bottom? I’m telling you people are freaking out and so’s the industry:

disridehere_springs a comin_post_03

That looks trustworthy. And like tons of fun flip flopping the wheel. See what they mean by ‘practicality’ of fixed gear riding? Almost as practical as one of them heavy basket/handlebar combos from cycling hell.

Then again, it’s spring so one might try..

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