The Easter weekend has unsuspectedly blessed us with blue skies and mild temperature so everyone and their brother is out there riding their bikes. Most of them are quite busy posting their milage and routes on facebook and instagram which is still a mystery to me. Take an epic pic of your bike leaning against an epic building or fence, blue sky and sun as an epic background and let the whole world know that you actually managed to ride 150km and more. If you wanna go professional let them know what food you had afterwards and what ratio you rode if you took your fixed gear (in this case, add another 50km for hardcoreness). Or you could simply go for a ride and forget about all that multimedia pressure, at least for a day or two. Like dis ride here fine couple I met on Good Friday:


Packed for the whole Easter weekend they were on their way to the Baltic Sea. It was still kinda windy and a bit too cold to be headin out for a tour like that but they were in perfect mood and didn’t mind my nerdy ways of takin pictures and celebrating their style. They also managed not to brag about their trip at all, they were simply happy to be on their bike with 4 days of freedom ahead of them. Just look at their smiles, honest and down to earth.

I was kinda fascinated by the professional packing of their cargo but they just shrugged and informed me that it was neither complicated to pack the stuff nor too hard to drive that mighty two wheeled caravan:

Easter Trippin_post_02

If that amount of luggage was to be carried by a fixed gear it would take a crew of at least 15 diehard fixed gear gangstas, a team truck, a semi-professional photographer, an own dedicated tour facebook page (possibly a whole website, too), fixed crew team jerseys, a farewell and a homecoming party and a cycling movie about the tour and all the crazy things that happened on their way like meeting strangers and pushing up hills, couldn’t have seen that coming…

But anyway, I guess everyone makes it what they want it to be so what the heck, let the quasi fame needy have their quasi hollywood trips and everyone else will simply take it easy and probably aim for the things that make a cycling trip so much fun: Cycling, good weather and lotsa free time with nothing to worry about except arriving before sunset and fixing a flat every now and then.

Easter Trippin_post_03

So thank you guys for being the sweetest couple and for being cool and down to earth cyclists and for letting me take the pics, hope you had a great Easter trip!

The world really needs more of your kind..

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