We at DISRIDEHERE love Italian classics. And Japanese but that’s a whole different story. Unfortunately Italian classic road bikes are few and far between around here. You will see a million matt black fixed gears before you spot one decent Italian road or track bike, it’s like hunting a ghost sometimes. So a couple of days ago we came across this while on our sunday coffee tour:


Ok, that’s not quite what I meant with Italian classic but what the heck, gotta take what you get sometimes. It could have been worse though, dis ride here definitely represents the seldom breed of vintage Italian steel hardtail mtb frames to the fullness. And it’s in great shape, too.


Alright, I know Benotto has a history with frames made in Mexico but who really gives a shit? We were celebrating this rare find while taking pictures when a nice, friendly lady stepped up to us: ‘So ya like my bike, huh?!’ For a second we remembered Sgt Kilroy and held our breath but she was obviously willing to celebrate with us: ‘I’m so happy I own this bike, a friend of mine took good care of it for years and now he gave it to me, I totally dig the style.’ So we rambled a bit about how well it was preserved and how whacky but cool the setup was and she was happy and almost grateful that someone took notice of her ride. I told her she was very lucky cause the dude also managed to keep the shifting and everything else in great shape:


Fantastic, clean chain, rear derailleur in great shape, even the axle mounted derailleur cage was flawless. The only thing that was a bit rugged but still added a nice touch to the whole style were the tires. So anyway, congratulations on this quasi classic, I hope it’ll bring you lots of fun roaming through the city and thanks for the huge smile on your face, it was a nice way of sharing our passion with us for a moment.

We dig.

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