Humans and machines are funny. Humans invent machines to fulfill a purpose first and foremost. Then they start modifying the shit out of them, making them stronger, lighter, faster, better. Whatever. Somewhere in that process they seem to lose their focus though. The machine gets modified in ways that don’t make sense and often times contradict its very purpose. If we’re talking bikes there are countless examples of ‘mismodification’. And here’s one of them right there:


Here’s the thing. Some time in the past someone decided to build a sensible and reasonably priced steel frame, paint it kinda flashy and call it a road bike. They called it Corratec and went crazy with the colors. But they managed to build a fine piece of lugged steel using good tubes by a household name in the steel tube business:


So far so good. So nowadays there’s people that don’t race, they don’t even ride fast yet they have to ride a road bike. Or better said, what used to be a road bike and then modern times took over and turned it into a singlespeed.


A singlespeed with an absurdly low gear that is. What the fuck is this, a 34/19 or what? But hey, one might think that finally someone went the whole 9 yards and paid tribute to super narrow singlespeedish flat bars that were so unique 15 years ago but made absolutely no sense at all, especially if you’re pushing a big gear. And then, this:


Seriously? Riser bars as wide as the top tube is long? For what? Comfort? Get a dutch bike man and never shift to 2nd gear, ever! The one that’s leaning right next to yours might do. But then again, the bars are narrower than yours, too bad.


Well at least you got a sensible frame, equipped it with reasonably sturdy tires, managed to keep it in good shape and even carry a bottle cage. You also managed to pick some decent brake levers and actually mounted them in a well reachable position. Unless your shoulder width is under 32cm.

Then you’re screwed..


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