Spring is approaching with huge steps so it’s that time of the year when the amount of people on bikes quadruples and we’re confronted with all sorts of old and new cycling trends. The ambitioned roadie is pulling out his carbon wheelset, the everyday commuter gets his bike properly checked after a hard winter, singlespeed aficionados spend all of their free time on ebay to finally acquire a vintage Bianchi and fixed gear lovers ponder over getting that super deep carbon rim or an aerospoke. It’s like the week before the Grammys where everyone is freaking out about their showtime wardrobe cause you wanna fucking shine and outdo the rest. But, miraculously, there are people who don’t give a single shit about all of these things. And some of these people effortlessly manage to don’t give a shit with style. Like dis ride here fine young gentleman we met the other day:


That’s what I call stylish big city cycling in full effect. It was so refreshing to see someone on a quasi pimped day-to-day race bike instead of the next off the rack singlespeed or wannabe unique fixed gear. And it was an Italian steel frame, too:


Lovely. Finally not another Colnago or Bianchi butchered to death. Just a classic steel frame with absolutely sensible parts and a little extra cause at the end of the day, a little style won’t hurt a bit:


I totally dig the setup alltogether for a lot of reasons. First of all, classic race bikes rank high in my book if getting around town quickly yet comfortably is your thing. The steel frame is stiff enough to accelerate quickly yet soft enough if you wanna take it easy and stroll. Also, this ride has brakes! Not the flimsy ‘gotta have it cause it’s kinda dangerous to ride brakeless’-front brake. No, actual brakes that will fucking make you stop properly cause if you go fast, you gotta be able to stop fast:


Which leads us to the next thing: gears. I know you don’t need to have em to enjoy cycling but let’s face it, they’re practical and a lot of fun to use every once in a while. Feeling tired but still need to ride your bike? Put on a low gear. Wanna go faster than pussycat and smoke some cars in traffic? Get that thing rolling and throw in a huge gear. Yeah, I know fixie boy, your legs are your gears..Good luck catching a race bike. And guess what, he’s pedaling with his legs, too..

But anyway, to wrap this up, I’m totally down with this dude and his Bottecchia. Well used, well maintained and pimped up just to the right extend, I wish I would see more of this kind around. To top it off, another little highlight you don’t find in a lot of modern rides, this one’s completely under chromed:


People try and try to make their rides shine so hard, usually by adding horrible color schemes or repainting, spray painting or adding millions of stickers to their bikes yet all you gotta do is buy a moderately priced frame from the golden era of frame building and simply ride it.


Experience and regular usage will make it shine in every state it’ll be in and if ya treat it right, it will accompany you for the rest of your life.

So thank you buddy for reminding us that there’s people out there that cherish the classics and don’t just hang them on their wall and brag about their shit on the net.

Right on brother..

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